Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation is a leading developer of innovative and quality solutions in the material handling industry. We have gained the trust and reputation to become the leading transmission and drivetrain systems provider for material handling equipment in China.

Established in 2006, Greenland Technologies is a leading transmission and drivetrain systems provider for material handling equipment such as forklift trucks for industrial and logistic applications.

By 2018, we have sold in aggregate of more than 91,000 sets of transmission systems to over 100 forklift manufacturers in China. Over the years, we have gained the trust and loyalty of our clients through our emphasis and dedication towards quality and innovation. 

With a strong focus on innovative solutions we invest in new technology to create disruptive products and solutions for the future.  In 2019, Greenland made a commitment to support clean energy technology by investing in research and development that embraces the trend of electrification in the material handling industry.  This research led to a new line of drive train components specifically catered to lithium powered electric forklifts and light commercial electric vehicles. 

In 2021, Greenland announced that they will be entering the electric industrial vehicle market. Under the subsidiary brand, HEVI, they will become a pioneer in the development and manufacture of all electric heavy industrial equipment such as front loaders and excavators. The GEL-1800 All Electric Front Loader & GEX-8000 All-Electric Excavator first arrived in United States at the end of 2021 and are commercially available for sale in the North American market.

Learn more at: www.gethevi.com

Innovation For The Future

Our R&D teams have proven their talents in developing new solutions and creating the next generation of products with over 80 registered patents.

Established Supply Chain

We established a strong supply-chain from basic material to specially made parts. Our vendors have been qualified and evaluated to meet our high standards of quality.

State Of The Art Production

Our state-of-the-art production capabilities allow us to produce the best products due to a highly precise manufacturing process.